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 Vilva Athiban

Vilva Athiban

Senior engineer, Omio


About Me

Vilva is a Senior engineer (Developer tooling) at Omio. He is passionate about exploring the wide edges of technology. You can see him giving talks, workshops, building OSS tools and creating blogs and Youtube videos occasionally. When not before the laptop, he is into travelling and adrenaline sports. 

About the session

E2E tests: Write once and run anywhere

Writing code/components once and running it on different platforms is the new big trend. However, tests are mostly written separately for different platforms. This talk will educate the audience on how to write E2E tests once and run them on Web, iOS, and Android. 

We will discuss the issues in writing and maintaining E2E tests, Current possible solutions, problems with different solutions, the magical trio combo (Cucumberjs + Appium.js + Selenium Grid), and its advantages.

This will be a live coding where we will 

  • Take a website and native apps of the same demo product
  • Set up the testing environment with Cucumberjs + Appium.js + WebDriver + Selenium Grid
  • Write sample tests
  • Automatically run it across all the platforms. 

We will wind up the talk with Future plans and possibilities & Next steps

24th Sept, 2022

09:00 AM - 09:30 AM


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