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Bill Gilmore

Bill Gilmore

Moralis, FE Lead


About Me

Bill Gilmore is the Lead Front End Developer at Moralis. The first dedicated front end developer to join the company. From the start of his time at Moralis, his sole mission has been to improve the user experience in the web3 space.\nBill grew up in Belfast, Ireland. Previously, he has worked for software companies like Learning Pool and big banking giants ING Bank, giving him a wealth of coding and “big company” experience. His mantra in life is to not listen to the gatekeepers but to forge your own path through passion, dedication and hard work.

About the session

web3uiKit by Moralis, the FrontEnd of web3 made easy

  • short into, what is web3
  • Moralis in a null shell
  • web3uiKit front end web3 made easy
  • inspirational message

24th Sept, 2022

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM


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