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Vladimir Novick

Vladimir Novick

Software Architect & Consultant, Novick Labs


About Me

Independent consultant, software architect, worldwide speaker, trainer, published author. On a daily basis, Vladimir works in Web and Mobile fields advocating the usage of GraphQL, React Native, Cloud-native and Serverless architectures with emphasis on scalability, code quality and best practices.

About the session

The state of Augmented Reality and React Native in 2023

AR is a fascinating topic as more and more AR apps hit the stores. React Native is also really popular, but there is a problem in combining the two. Developing AR apps with React Native has been always a challenge. Few years back solution was ViroReact, but it mostly provided a way to develop really simple apps. What if we want to develop full blown AR app and integrate it into existing React Native app? Is it possible at all? And if so how we can do that? In this talk Vladimir will explain how you can create AR app using 3D engine such as Unity and integrate into existing React Native app.

06th Oct, 2023

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM


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