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Vilva Athiban

Vilva Athiban

Senior Engineer, Omio


About Me

Vilva is a senior engineer at Omio building devtools. He also writes blogs, makes YouTube videos, conducts workshop for experienced devs and pops into conferences. Trying new things constantly is his hobby.

About the session

React Native: 3D and Canvas Animation Using react-skia

In this talk, we will delve into the exciting world of 3D and canvas animation in React Native using the powerful react-skia library. React Native has revolutionized mobile app development, and with the emergence of react-skia, developers now have the ability to create stunning, immersive animations that were once limited to native apps. Join me as we explore the capabilities of react-skia and learn how to unleash the full potential of React Native for your animation needs.

This talk includes Live coding and demo.
Introduction to React Native and Animation:
Brief overview of React Native and its advantages for cross-platform development.
The role of animation in enhancing user experience and engagement.
Meet react-skia: A Gateway to 3D and Canvas Animation:
Understanding the react-skia library and its integration with React Native.
Key features and benefits of using react-skia for animations.
Getting Started with react-skia:
Setting up a React Native project with react-skia.
Exploring the basics of canvas animation using react-skia primitives.
Building 3D Animations:
Introducing 3D concepts in react-skia.
Creating and manipulating 3D objects in a React Native app.
Implementing lighting and shading for realistic 3D effects.
Complex Canvas Animations:
Leveraging react-skia to build complex canvas animations.
Incorporating user interactions and gesture-based animations.

06th Oct, 2023

04:30 PM - 05:00 PM


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