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Vikram Gupta

Vikram Gupta

Computer Scientist 2, Adobe Systems


About Me

I'm a senior front-end dev at Adobe Systems. I love working on improving web app performance and developer experience. I love to share knowledge and give back to the community. In my free time, I like traveling, reading books, and playing Badminton, TT.

About the session

Evolution of JS Bundlers

JS bundlers is one of the most fascinating and integral part of the web development ecosystem. Let's dive-in into the history of bundlers and how it has seen it's evolution so far. From days of task runners like grunt and gulp to advanced ES6 bundlers like ESBuild and ViteJS, from client friendly bundlers to development friendly bundlers, I've covered it all.

We are going to start with why, what and how of bundlers. How it all started, how it's going and how the future looks like. Broadly dividing into 3 generations of bundlers consisting of gulp, grunt and then to webpack, parcel, rollup to latest ES6 bundlets like ESBuild, ViteJS. We are going to understand the need of different bundlers based on the type of project. Various algorithms used in these bundlers to optimize the build and give happy faces.

24th Sept, 2022

10:55 AM - 11:40 AM


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