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Taz Singh

Taz Singh

Founder, Guild


About Me

Taz is the Founder of Guild and long-time participant in communities across the globe. He has over two decades of software experience ranging from video games & robotic AI to consumer application development, has served as a principal technical management consultant, and is a serial startup founder. When he's not behind his computer, he can be found chasing his cat around the house or being chased by cars around a race track.

About the session

React Native Everywhere

Developing for each platform individually is so 2010s. These days, with React Native’s component system providing base-level UI constructs, we can efficiently develop for every platform while not sacrificing any particular platform’s uniqueness. Taz will review the approach they’ve taken while developing Guild, and the creation of their Mondrian cross-platform responsive design system as well as how they’ve accommodated the differences in navigational experiences across platforms to accomplish a codebase that can be 95+% shared across every platform.

07th Oct, 2023

05:30 PM - 06:00 PM


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