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Siddharth Dayalwal

Siddharth Dayalwal

Developer Relations Engineer, Storyblok


About Me

Siddharth is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. He loves to talk about communities & hackathons and has been actively involved in the space for 4+ years now! He is also an MLH Coach, GitHub Field Expert, and founding organizer for Hack This Fall hackathon.

About the session

Remote Workshop: Reacting to Headless with Storyblok

React is one of the most used and popular front-end frameworks within developer communities and companies. In this workshop, we will see how we can create a scalable and fast website with React & Storyblok using the headless approach in no time. We will look at the benefits of a headless approach and how powerful it becomes along with React providing great flexibility to the developers and content creators.
We will create a minimal blog website using the component approach that will be ready for deployment in just a few minutes and we will deploy it to Vercel. Come join us in this fun and easy beginner friendly workshop and get started with your headless & react journey with Storyblok!
Also, we have a surprise for everyone who joins us live! 

Remote Talk - Headless CMS: Swiss Army Knife of the Web

You don't need a Bear Grylls to survive on the web, all you need is a good Headless CMS. Content is the king, it is said, but can everyone take care of their content with ease, or is it not possible unless you’re a survivor? Here is when Headless CMS comes into play that enables anyone to build projects and manage content on a go collaboratively, flexibly, and in many ways. It is fast, easy, and most importantly for everyone. Join my talk to know how we can use this Swiss Army Knife of the Web with Headless CMS.

22nd Sept, 2022

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


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