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Reefa DIAS

Reefa DIAS

Technical Project Manager, Red Hat


About Me

Reefa Dias is a Technical Project Manager at Red Hat. She has 7+ years of experience with an extensive background in software engineering and has gained an intimate understanding of what makes a technical projects successful. She is a solution-oriented professional equipped with problem solving, strategic and analytical skills, and Passionate about innovation and technology. 

About the session

Empathy-Driven Innovation: Building a Culture of Technical Empathy in the Software Industry

In the software industry, cultivating a culture of technical empathy is essential for driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering user-centric solutions. This session explores the significance of empathy in the software industry and its impact on product success and customer satisfaction. We will delve into the challenges faced by software professionals in understanding diverse user needs and the importance of cultural sensitivity in a global market. Through practical strategies and real-world examples, this talk aims to equip individuals and organizations in the software industry with the tools to build a culture of technical empathy, resulting in more inclusive, impactful, and empathetic software solutions.

07th Oct, 2023

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM


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