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Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor

Product Engineering Lead, Hashnode


About Me

I identify as Product engineer and IndieHacker with over 7+ years of experience working with early-mid stage startups. I like working in smaller teams creating delightlful products that immediately solve the users problem in an intuitive way I am currently working as the Product Engineering Lead @ Hashnode and have been building rich text editors for the past 6 years I am open source evangelist, hihgly unopinionated and try to choose the best tech for the problem at hand. I am a strong believer in creating things quickly, then getting them right and then optimizing it. I also have created side projects that are being used by 200,000+ people, and have single handledly created launched products to #1 on product hunt

About the session

Building a Notion-like editor for the masses

In this talk, we will examine the process of building a Notion-like editor experience in React applications using open-source libraries such as tiptap and slate. The focus will be on the practical steps to integrate these libraries into React projects and how to customize the editor to meet specific requirements. Attendees can expect a detailed walkthrough of utilizing tiptap and slate to create a familiar, user-friendly text editor within their React applications, along with insights into potential customizations and optimizations. The goal of this presentation is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to implement a powerful and intuitive editor experience in React-based projects.

06th Oct, 2023

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM


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