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Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta

Sr Manager, Expedia Group


About Me

Mohit is a Sr Manager with Expedia Group. He delights in building performant front-end systems and delivering values to customers. He enjoys working with his team and apart from that loves to play table tennis.

About the session

Pluggable Virtual agents powered by React.

We are planning to share a true business use case that we solved and matured during pandemic and surfaced to end users using React i.e. consuming our chatbot platform and bring it in hands of our customers through a minimal code, pluggable chat widget across devices. We will focus around how we fulfilled the needs of a lot of our internal entry points with varying needs and enabled configurable, rich UI and pseudo micro-frontends experiences with in chat that different internal clients can leverage and surface through single codebase of pluggable widget. We would also like to highlight the communication pattern that we leveraged between host website and iframe that hosts our react app.

22nd Sept, 2022

8:05 PM - 8:20 PM IST


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