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Michael Prabhu

Michael Prabhu

Senior Product Manager, Syncfusion


About Me

PM at @Syncfusion. He is managing DataViz controls | .Net enthusiast who knows WF | WPF | Silverlight | UWP | MVC | Javascript | React | Angular | Xamarin.Forms | Flutter

About the session

Remote Talk: How React and Syncfusion can ease up development time

Short Description: As a developer we all know creating a premium application is time consuming and creating exactly the design provided by our UI/UX designers is crucial for the application to succeed and creating such an app takes a lot of time and finding components that can seamlessly integrate with your application can save you a lot of time. The important thing here is that the components should support customization of whatever your designers provide, and it should not be the other way around you are asking your designers to change the design of what your component is capable of.

Our, Syncfusion React components are fully customizable for developer's needs, it is fast, and most importantly you can achieve all of that in less code, it supports light and dark theme, it is even responsive, which is useful in the case when you want your desktop application to work flawlessly in mobile or tablet as well. So, in my presentation you can see how you can create such premium applications with the help of Syncfusion React components.

22nd Sept, 2022

4:50 PM - 5:20 PM


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