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Menahi Shayan

Menahi Shayan

SDE II, Zenduty


About Me

Hi, I'm Shayan, a Senior Frontend Engineer at Zenduty and a critical thinker who loves leveraging the power of code to solve real-world issues. As someone who enjoys building nifty little tools and snippets that make my (and other people's) lives easier, I'm always thinking about my next big project and how much simpler it'll make my day. I've served as CTO of an ed-tech venture and have led several teams over the years to build scalable production-grade React and React Native projects. I also enjoy actively participating in UX decisions and aim to build products that are intuitively effortless to use.

About the session

Home Screen Widgets with React Native

This talk looks into Home Screen Widgets and how they can benefit your React Native app. Further, it discusses how widgets can be implemented in a React Native app and the various functionality you can achieve. It also provides glimpses of upcoming feature to widgets and shares some tips & advice on how you can improve your widget game so your users will love it!

07th Oct, 2023

03:00 PM - 03:30 PM


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