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Matheus Albuquerque

Matheus Albuquerque

Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End, Medallia


About Me

Matheus is a Sr. Front-End Engineer at Medallia, building their surveys platform and helping them shape the customer experience market with React, and a Google Developer Expert in Web Performance. His areas of interest include React and its ecosystem, JS and compile-to-JS languages, DX, and perceived performance optimization. Aside from public speaking about these, he also volunteers at TechLabs, teaching front-end development.

About the session

The Computer Science of Fibers

We'll have an in-depth overview of the important concepts behind reconciliation and React Fiber. Then, we'll explore how React uses this algorithm and go through a few magic words we hear a lot, like coroutines, continuations, generators, and algebraic effects—and see how they all relate to React.

03rd Oct, 2023

04:05 PM - 04:35 PM


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