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Huzaifa Arif

Huzaifa Arif

Engineering Manager, Proximity Works


About Me

Apart from being a Staff Engineer at Proximity Works, Huzaifa is a tech enthusiast, constantly learning and applying all things JS, solving tech problems at scale, and giving back and being part of the community! Also a proud father of 2 little humans.

About the session

The right way to use useEffect.

Throughout React’s changes, we have moved from working in lifecycle methods to working with hooks. But have our mental models changed? It turns out they should, especially given where React is headed in the future. In this lightning talk, we look at all the ways we end up creating problems for ourselves in useEffect, how we can shift our thinking to avoid them, and how the right mental model is important for the future of React.

22nd Sept, 2022

8:20 PM - 8:35 PM IST


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