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Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

CTO, Pedals Up Blockchain Studio & Polygon Advocate


About Me

Hi, I’m Harsh Shah. I am a self-taught developer. I am currently working as CTO at Pedals Up Blockchain Studio & Polygon Advocate. I started my coding journey in 2009 that was the first time when I ran my first code in the C language “Hello World!”. Then after there is no look back, I learned C, C++, Html, CSS, Javascript, Python, SQL many more technical languages & frameworks. I am always a curious person about technology. When I started working in the industry, I worked with various Startup Companies across the globe, like Elemetor, KDE(GSOC), Wikimedia(GSOC), Mokko(USA Based), and Dataone, Pycon Taiwan, etc.\nI am also a community builder. I started my first community at college with the help of some of my friends, Then after I started contributing to other communities like Makerfest, GDG Ahmedabad, Echai, Pydata, and IIT-B Ecell. Currently, I am a co-organizer of GDG Cloud Ahmedabad & Pydata Ahmedabad. I am also Polygon Advocate.\nI have given more than 40+ talks on several topics like Google Cardboard (VR), Google Cloud Tech (GCP), Python tech, React Js, React Native, and Design System at the Local & Global levels.\nCurrently, I am also working on Web 3 space for the last 3 years. And worked with more than 10+ startups in the Web 3 space. We at Pedals Up(company) work with clients like, Biconomy, Nord Finance, Pillow Funds, Scallop, kalamit NFT, and so on.

About the session

Microinteractions : a perfect bow to the arrow of modern web development 

“Defining personas”, “well-structured information architecture” and “thoughtfully written content” are one of the most important ways to improve the user experience of any application. But to enhance these as well, providing delight for a user to use the system in terms of smaller interaction design details gives out of the box feeling for your product or system. Microinteractions are what they are called.  Simply to Define it, they are individual moments in the product designed to accomplish a single task while enhancing the natural product flow. 

23rd Sept, 2022

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM


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