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Gurupal Singh

Gurupal Singh

Frontend Developer, Gumlet


About Me

I am a self taught and a highly motivated frontend developer. Currently building Reactjs applications.

About the session

Remote Workshop - Video playback analytics. An overview and how to build your own.

82% of the world's internet traffic is now videos. 1 in 2 people on the planet watch videos over the internet daily. Streaming videos is now integral to websites and apps across industries. Measuring and collecting video metrics is crucial to improve the end-user video experience and to drive your business's overall video strategy. This workshop will explore the nuances of video playback analytics, how to measure them and how to interpret that data for actionable insights.

What you will learn:

  • How to measure every video view on your platform
  • The tech stack you will need to build your video analytics pipeline
  • Adding event listeners to video players
  • Capturing important playback events
  • Collecting event streams on servers
  • Compiling actionable insights from data
  • Different types of video metrics and use cases

Content Overview

  • A comprehensive summary of playback events
  • Video analytics pipeline
  • Video playback metrics
  • Open source code repo to use in your future video projects

Sep 22, 2022

10:30 AM - 1:30 PM IST


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