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Giriraj Daga

Giriraj Daga

Director of Solutions Architecture, Affinidi


About Me

Giriraj is Head of Solutions Architecture at Affinidi. He leads a global team of architects who help customers take more control of their data using decentralized technology and well-architected products and solutions. With over 17 years of experience in software development, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and business transformation, working with clients from various industries such as insurance, retail, and entertainment, Giri is passionate about solving hard problems, getting things done, and creating value for customers and stakeholders. His goal is to change data ownership for good and enable new business models and opportunities with emerging technologies.

About the session

Reimagine Digital Onboarding with Identity-based Passwordless solution powered by Affinidi Login

Join our lightning talk for a glimpse into the future of customer onboarding. Delve into emerging standards such as Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials, and OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP). These form the foundational building blocks for a seamless digital identity across diverse platforms. 

Discover the innovative approach of Affinidi Login, which not only supports the familiar social login method but flips the script: instead of users logging into applications, applications request to log into users' holistic identities. This shift drastically reduces repetitive user sign-ups, elevating the overall experience. 

With Affinidi Login, we're redefining the role of Identity Provider and advancing the groundbreaking idea: "The User is the API." This consent-driven data-sharing model grants developers the tools to design experiences that prioritise data accuracy, enhanced security, and user privacy, all while aligning with prevailing industry norms for swift adoption. 

The future of UX is here! Say goodbye to endless forms and tedious data inputs. Join us to pioneer a user experience that is built on open standards, combining strong security with seamless user interactions.

06th Oct, 2023

04:00 PM - 04:10 PM


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