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Ekaansh Arora

Ekaansh Arora

Developer Advocate, Agora


About Me

Ekaansh is a Developer Advocate, Typescript enjoyer, React (Native) nerd, 3d art & music maker. One more thing, all his opinions are his own!

About the session

Remote Workshop: Use Typescript to go from front-end to full-stack

This workshop is aimed to take you from being a front-end dev to a full-stack dev using the best open-source tools in the typescript ecosystem. You’ll build an end-to-end type-safe video conferencing application that’s ready to go to production. We’ll use Next.js, Prisma, tRPC and NextAuth to build your database and backend without breaking a sweat, explore how Typescript enables you to move fast and break nothing when building backends.


  • Intermediate React/JavaScript knowledge
  • VSCode and Node.js


  • Next.js for frontend - use your react knowledge & get benefits like SSR
  • Next.js API routes with tRPC - build a type-safe backend, you don’t need to host a separate Node.js server
  • Prisma ORM for a relational DB - skip learning SQL and still get the benefits of a relational DB
  • NextAuth for easy OAuth - get auth in ten lines of code
  • Agora for voice and video - get video conferencing in ten lines of code
  • We’ll use create-t3-app to scaffold the project.

Remote Talk: Thinking low code in React

Low-code is on the rise again, and developers don’t seem to like it. The theme for low-code products has always been - it’s good for now, but we’ll have to use something else if we’re “serious” about our product. Most of these complaints have been for good reason, you must start from scratch whenever you jump ship. We’ll talk about building low-code components in React that developers don’t throw out within a week. I’ll talk about why you should care about low-code and borrow ideas to designs better APIs in React. We’ll discuss themes like extensibility, abstractions, granularity, and escape hatches. I will also share my experience building low-code video-conferencing kits in React.

22nd Sept, 2022

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


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