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Chakit Arora

Chakit Arora

Developer Relations Engineer, Storyblok


About Me

I am a Full Stack Developer based in India, always thrilled about the web. I like to be involved in the community, I am Twitter space host, who likes to talk and write about technology. I am always excited to try out new technologies and frameworks.

About the session

Remote Workshop: Reacting to Headless with Storyblok

React is one of the most used and popular front-end frameworks within developer communities and companies. In this workshop, we will see how we can create a scalable and fast website with React & Storyblok using the headless approach in no time. We will look at the benefits of a headless approach and how powerful it becomes along with React providing great flexibility to the developers and content creators.
We will create a minimal blog website using the component approach that will be ready for deployment in just a few minutes and we will deploy it to Vercel. Come join us in this fun and easy beginner friendly workshop and get started with your headless & react journey with Storyblok!
Also, we have a surprise for everyone who joins us live! 

22nd Sept, 2022

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM


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