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Bruno Paulino

Bruno Paulino

Tech Lead, N26


About Me

Bruno is a passionate Software Engineer who loves crafting solutions that can help ease our lives and make it more fun. He is mainly interested in Web development. He has been writing web applications using Scala, JavaScript and React.

About the session

Supercharging Your Dev Experience with Turborepo

We will go about how large teams collaborate in a JavaScript/TypeScript monorepo and how dependencies between packages can cause hindrance in the Developer Experience (DX), mostly due to the dependency graph and task execution times.

⁠Then I will follow-up on how Turborepo can greatly reduce dependency complexity when executing tasks and how its smart caching strategy can save you many hours when using CI/CD systems. I will also talk about how we introduced Turborepo at N26, how it has been used and how it has improved the DX of the Web team by drastically reducing CI/CD pipelines execution time.

23rd Sept, 2022

3.00 - 3.30 pm


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