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Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer

Cofounder/CEO , Flightcontrol


About Me

Brandon is the cofounder and CEO of Flightcontrol and the Creator of Blitz.js. He's deeply passionate about helping people reach their dreams and about making development and entrepreneurship more accessible. Outside of work he loves flying airplanes and helicopters, rock climbing, and traveling.

About the session

Fullstack Typesafety with Next.js

Achieving complete typesafety with Next.js is a huge challenge, especially if you are fetching data from databases or third party APIs! I’ll show you how to fully leverage ALL of the Typescript features of Next.js. And I’ll cover the hottest up and and coming libraries for achieving even greater typesafety than is possible with vanilla Next.js. for you: Blitz.js 2.0 is the main one of those libraries for enabling typesafety in Next.js

23rd Sept, 2022

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM


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