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Ayush Singh

Ayush Singh

Frontend Engineer, Disney+ Hotstar


About Me

I am a professional Frontend Engineer with a sense of UI design. With ~4 years of industry experience, mostly solving problem statements related to Web Performance, Server Driven UI, and Web Animations.

About the session

INP at Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar understands the importance of user experience and takes proactive measures to address high Interaction to Next Paint (INP). This talk will explore our journey in measuring and improving INP to ensure a seamless user experience. It will outline the significance of INP measurement, the challenges faced in maintaining optimal responsiveness, and the tools and techniques employed for INP analysis. The talk will discuss specific issues encountered in the living room environment and the innovative solutions implemented to accurately attribute INP. Additionally, it will highlight the strategies used to prevent INP regressions at scale and the various avenues explored to optimize INP in the Hotstar web app.

06th Oct, 2023

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM


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