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Anuradha Kumari

Frontend Consultant, Passionate People


About Me

Anuradha is a frontend developer, working on making the web more accessible, one website at a time. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge through tech articles and talks. She has been recognized as GDE, MVP, and MDE. As an accessibility advocate, she aims to spread awareness and empower the community toward achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology. When she is not coding, she loves traveling, exploring museums, reading books, and sketching.

About the session

Workshop - Accessible web development

Accessibility is an inherent aspect of the web. And yet it is often neglected and considered as an afterthought. As web developers, we strive to bring inclusion into the digital world. But, sometimes we unintentionally build inaccessible websites mostly due to the lack of awareness about accessibility. There are certain misperceptions lingering around it and it might appear burdensome or confusing as a result. The only way to overcome the inaccessible web is by spreading awareness around it and educating ourselves and others about it. As we will explore the accessibility in this workshop, we will see how it is the RIGHT thing to do and how can we code towards achieving it.

22 Sept, 2022

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM


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