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Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha Kumari

Frontend Consultant, Passionate People


About Me

Anuradha is a frontend developer, working on making the web more accessible, one website at a time. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge through tech articles and talks. She has been recognized as GDE, MVP, and MDE. As an accessibility advocate, she aims to spread awareness and empower the community toward achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology. When she is not coding, she loves traveling, exploring museums, reading books, and sketching.

About the session

This hands-on workshop is all about accessibility. It is intended for those who are interested in exploring accessibility and creating accessible websites. We will start with an introduction to accessibility and move towards examples and hands-on exercises. This will include practical examples of inaccessible code and how to fix those. We will see how accessibility can improve our website usability and how everyone benefits from it.

The objective of this workshop is that the participants get a clear understanding of the concepts of accessibility as well as a rich hands-on experience which will enable them to apply the concepts learned within their projects/frameworks and contributing towards a more inclusive and accessible digital world.

The workshop will include the following topics:
1. What does accessibility mean?
2. Importance of accessibility.
3. Impact of inaccessible content on users.
4. How to design, code, and test from an accessibility perspective.
5. Demos and hands-on exercises to make the functionalities accessible to assistive technology users.
6. Using tools and extensions to test accessibility.

Target audience:
Web developers, software developers with at least beginner-level experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


  • A browser, A code editor like VSCode, Atleast basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Optional: NVDA software if you have Windows

22nd Sept, 2022

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM


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