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At React India, we believe that our partners play a very important role in the entire conference's success. And to help increase our reach, we would like to offer our potential communities several exciting opportunities. Collaborating with React India will give you easy access to our worldwide network of React/Frontend developers. Discover our partnership proposal, our beliefs, and the benefits that joining our partnership program can provide to your community.

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Who are we?

React India is a community-led nonprofit initiative with an international flavor. The event consists of a workshop day and 2 days of talks about React, React Native, Gatsby, GraphQL, and more. React India is a platform for developers to share and discuss their insights and experiences with React.

This year, we are planning to make React India bigger, better, and more hybrid. React India Hybrid edition is happening from 6th October to 7th October 2023, plus an extra day set aside for Workshops. Workshops will be held on 5th October 2023 both in-person and remotely. As part of the hybrid format, there will also be a remote event with awesome talks on 3rd October 2023 with speakers worldwide.

What are our objectives?


Our main objective is to create an environment that encourages new connections & invigorates old ones, where individuals can come together to discuss React as technology & help grow its community.


Our mission is to provide a space that is welcoming & inclusive of all identities & backgrounds, to support under-represented communities, and bring together all the supporters of the React community.


We believe a fun and authentic atmosphere is the most reflective of our community and our passion. It is our hope that our lively and honest nature shines through.


In-Person Workshop at
Conference Venue in Goa
Remote talks
Remote workshops
In-Person talks at the
Conference Venue in Goa.
In-Person talks at the
Conference Venue in Goa.
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What are our objectives

We have two types of partnerships with different characteristics and recipients:


You are a community organizer that organizes free events/meetups/conferences.


You are a company or you run a paid conference.

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