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Saket Tawde

Saket Tawde

Engineering Manager, Proximity Works


About Me

Saket is learning and growing as a Senior Engineering Manager at Proximity Works while working on some of the most interesting engineering problems. He loves teaching and keeping track of the latest in tech across platforms.

About the session

A React Native Masterclass.

React Native has come a long way since its inception and is a powerful tool for creating rich native mobile experiences. This workshop is a 2 hour deep dive with hands on coding into the world of React Native. If you have the skills to build a web application in React, you will walk away with this swiss army knife to build native mobile experiences in your toolkit. This will set you on track to create your very own native mobile application, and learn all of the nuances of the framework along with how to reach the app to your audiences. This workshop is for you if you are a web developer wanting to gain the ability to build mobile applications or if you are evaluating React Native for your use case. Its 2022, React Native has come a long way and is clearly here to stay. 


  • How does React Native (RN) really work
  • Busting the myths about RN
  • Hands-on coding: Building your own RN application using Expo
  • Understanding the basics of navigation and styling in RN apps
  • Implementing native-only features
  • Building and distributing your application
  • A look at some sample RN apps running at scale


  • Basic understanding of Javascript & React
  • A machine with NPM, NodeJs, and a code editor like VSCode
  • A mobile phone running either Android or iOS

22nd Sept, 2022

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM


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