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 Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Software Development Engineer II, Postman


About Me

Nikhil is a Software Engineer at Postman, based out of Bangalore, mostly handling stuff around Postman's design system. He speaks at tech conferences and is super excited about open source, React, and its internals. He loves to talk about design systems and performance in general. He is super passionate about sharing his experience and learnings mostly via LinkedIn and Twitter.\n\n

About the session

Wait, React is Multithreaded?

We already know, "if some task takes time, promisify it!". But some tasks can be computation heavy and can take time to complete, so making them async is of no use since those have to be anyway get picked. Solution? Simple, multithreading! Yeah I know that React and in turn javascript is single-threaded but what if I told you that our life was a lie ever since? Enter web workers!

This talk would dive into the how we encounter some real-world scenarios with React like a search feature, and how web workers come to our rescue by helping us do intensive work in parallel, without blocking the main thread. We will also see how it relates to the brand new "Concurrent mode" feature, all of this with the fun of examples, Sounds interesting right? The talk reveals it all!

24th Sept, 2022

09:30 AM - 10:00 AM


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