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Neeraj Rajpurohit

Neeraj Rajpurohit

Software Development Engineer, DisneyPlus Hotstar


About Me

Neeraj works with Web technologies, follows cricket and Tennis, and binge watches Hotstar.

About the session

Building a next generation web-app, A Hotstar special.

Ever wondered, if we can create and configure our pages on the fly and no app release is required. In this talk, we will discuss how, at Hotstar, we have built our multi-locale web app on the top of such an architecture making it smart, robust and reusable.

We will also cover how using this "Backend Driven Frontend" architecture, coupled with React context, we built our in-house analytics library that supports event tracking from any component within the app.

Further we will see how our design systems are robust enough that a single component library can ensure a smooth experience across a diverse set of platforms, from web to living-room devices.

In the end, we will also touch upon how we made our web application more performant and resilient.

24th Sept, 2022

5:15 PM - 5:45 PM


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