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Josh Goldberg

Open Source Developer, Self-Employed


About Me

Josh Goldberg is a frontend developer from New York with a passion for open source, static analysis, and the web. He is a the author of O’Reilly’s Learning TypeScript and a full time open source maintainer who contributes regularly to TypeScript and open source projects in its ecosystem, such as typescript-eslint and TypeStat. His past work includes spearheading Codecademy’s usage of TypeScript and helping create its Learn TypeScript course, and architecting rich client applications at Microsoft. His projects range from static analysis to meta-languages to re-creating retro games in the browser. Also cats.

About the session

Description: Design systems -collections of common components, colors, and other constants- are a key way to scale teams and web applications on the modern web. They're particularly handy for deduplicating frontend development costs for micro frontends and remote teams. But how do you create one from scratch -- or, much more commonly, in-flight from an existing service?

Workshop description:
This hands-on workshop will take you through three stages of crafting your design system:
Part 1 (Design): Extracting colors, spacing, and typography from your existing brand. We'll look at an example site that has a rough collection of variant UIs, and trim the variants down to a consolidated set.
Part 2 (Design+Dev): Creating components following standard Atomic Design using the first day's designs. We'll cover atoms, molecules, and so on, match the design sets to their categories, and implement them in a React + CSS variables design system.
Part 3 (Design+Dev): Fleshing out components and documenting usage with Storybook and TypeScript. Now that we have our basic design system, let's go one by one and swap out the preexisting components and designs on the site!

Intermediate React and CSS knowledge.

22 Sept, 2022

9.30 am - 1.00 pm


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