12th - 13th November, 2021.

react India

Remote Edition

React India Remote Edition 2021

Out of concern for the health and safety of every one in the React India community, and in line with the recent orders from the Indian government, React India will not be held in any capacity this year.

Based on current observations, our team has decided it's best to reschedule React India to 2021. Right now, the most important thing that all of us can do is to focus our attention on helping everyone with the new challenges we all face.

Take care of yourselves. The date for our event this year is 12 - 13th November 2021

We hope to meet you all physically for the next event in 2022.

We are open for sponsorship for React India 2021, Contact us at [email protected]


React India 2021

12th - 13th NOVEMBER | REMOTE | 2021 EDITION




Awesome Speakers


Aakansha Doshi

HackerRank, Frontend Engineer

An open-source enthusiast, maintainer of excalidraw and react-tags. Javascript excites her the most as a coder. She has ...


Anuradha Kumari

Passionate People, Frontend Consultant

Anuradha is a Tech enthusiast working as a Frontend Consultant. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and s...


Carlos Rufo

Engineering Lead, GraphCMS

Carlos is a passionate developer and enthusiastic speaker. While he codes with different B/FE technologies, his go-to fo...


Daishi Kato

Freelance programmer

Freelance programmer based in Tokyo, working on various OSS projects.


Debbie O'Brien

Head Developer Advocate at Bit

Debbie O’Brien is Head Developer Advocate at Bit,(bit.dev). Debbie has over 10 years experience in Frontend develop...


Dhaiwat Pandya

Independent contractor - full-stack engineer

20-year-old software engineer & writer. Open-source fanatic. React changed my life.


Gant Laborde

Infinite Red CIO

Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. ...


Matt Jones

Frontend Engineering Lead at SEEK

Co-creator of vanilla-extract and treat. Maintainer of braid-design-system and playroom.


Max Stoiber

GraphCDN, Founder

Creator of Bedrock, styled-components & react-boilerplate. Founder of GraphCDN.


Michael Chan

Building lunch.dev

Michael Chan is building lunch.dev — community for kind, curious, and creative developers. He’s the host of React Podcas...


Milica Aleksic

Badin Soft - Software Engineer

Software Engineer living and working in Serbia. Tech Lead in Badin Soft with experience working on React and React Nativ...


Nikhil Sharma

Software Engineer at Postman

Nikhil is a Software Engineer at Postman, based out of Bangalore. He is passionate about React and is a keen fiddler of ...


Obinna Ekwuno

Developer advocate @Cloudflare

Obinna Ekwuno is a human before anything else. He mostly works on the web and loves to teach concepts in JavaScript whil...


Pulkit Singh

Programmers Universal Group

Youngest Community Builder (13y) | Community Evangelist @kubesphere India | Tech & Astro Lover | ML


Raagul nagendran

Condé Nast, Associate Software Engineer

I'm Raagul and I have been using React and D3 to develop cool visualizations professionally for more than a year now. I'...


Radoslav Stankov

Head of Engineering at Product Hunt

Full stack developer with 19+ years of experience, currently he is head of engineering at Product Hunt.


Rishav Thakur

Frontend Engineer, Groww

Helping building Payments and Design System at Groww. Likes to play with js and looking under the hood of all things tec...


Rohan Prasad

Microsoft, UX/UI Developer Consultant

UI engineer at @Microsoft. shares about coding & designing and (inconveniences of) my life. Thoughts are mine.


Sanjalee Patni

Plivo Inc., Software Development Engineer 2 - UI

UI engineer at Plivo Inc. and an eternal lover and learner of Javascript. During my time off work, I like to explore th...


Sarah Rainsberger

Diaspar Software Services, Intern

Sarah had a successful career in education as a mathematics teacher, tutor, school administrator, and entrepreneur in To...


Saurav Varma

1mg - Frontend Lead

Saurav currently leads the frontend team at 1mg, primarily working on our custom framework that's focused on performance...


Shawn Swyx Wang

Temporal.io, Head of Developer Experience

Swyx has worked on React and serverless JavaScript at Two Sigma, Netlify, and AWS, and now serves as Head of Developer E...


Sridhar Arumugam

Tech Lead at Myntra

UI Engineer building generic frameworks to solve various product use cases in React and React-Native.


Sudhanshu Yadav

Architect at Prophecy, Ex HackerRank

Architect at Prophecy, Ex HackerRank. A JavaScript and React fan, with a deep interest on internals and making theories ...


Tanisha Sabherwal

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co. who has an eye for digital products. I love to quench my thirst for “why to b...


Travis Waith-Mair

Anonyome Labs/ Senior Software Engineer

Travis Waith-Mair is a Front-End Dev and he blogs at http://non-traditional.dev. He is a creator of http://bedrock-layou...


Trishul Goel

Frontend developer. #techspeaker

Trishul is a professional frontend developer; writes React code for living and volunteers for Mozilla to justify his exi...


Varsha Saha

Flipkart - Tech Lead

Varsha is Tech Lead at Flipkart working on Consumer Apps and leading the Next 200 Mn team.


Vivek Soni

Tech Lead at Myntra

UI Engineer with 7+ Years of experience in building high traffic consumer facing web apps.



Ankeet Maini

Ankeet Maini

Extremely Techy on Twitter, Always fixing PR comments on Github, very funny on Instagram

Anushree Subramani

Anushree Subramani

Building frontend with @reactjs | Badass at life Glowing star | #BetterThanYesterday Chart with upwards trend | Plant poweredLeafy green

Vilva Athiban

Vilva Athiban

Vilva is a senior engineer at Omio building devtools. He also writes blogs, makes YouTube videos, conducts workshop for experienced devs and pops into conferences. Trying new things constantly is his hobby.


Tech Panelist

Ankita Masand

Ankita Masand

Ankita is an Associate Architect at Treebo. She likes writing technical blogs and makes it a point to explain convoluted technical jargon in simple and concise language.

Kamlesh Chandani

Kamlesh Chandani

Design System and Infrastructure Tools @Razorpay

Nitish Phanse

Nitish Phanse

Engineering @myntra. Cricket fanatic Cricket bat and ball, Interfaces and Javascript Red heart. Golang rookie.Writer at @freeCodeCamp

Prateek Bhatnagar

Prateek Bhatnagar

Engineering @uber.Previously @preactjs core team @googlechrome, #nextjs, @amphtml, @workboxjs, @flipkart.

Rajesh Batth

Rajesh Batth

UI Architect @ Flipkart.

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar

Web Team Lead @PSPDFKit Speaker, Artist, Pianist. created transform.tools, raaga.io, getmoose.in and more

Siddharth Chatterjee

Siddharth Chatterjee

Staff Software Engineer @GatsbyJS • Scuba diver • Building https://rustforjs.dev


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